Agreed 100%! Partnership is going to be KEY for all of us involved in this space.


“Operators treat partners like vendors.” That quote comes form Google(s goog) director of global Android partnerships John Lagerling, who said it during a panel discussion this week at Management World in Dublin, where it was captured by Light Reading. It’s a telling statement, especially coming from one of the most important players in the mobile industry.

Several years ago, operators could have gotten away with treating everyone else in the mobile ecosystem as a mere supplier. After all, they ran the whole show. If your service, device or technology was ever going to make it onto an operator’s network, you had to kiss the ring. A lot has changed in a few years.

These days, Google and Apple(s aapl) have far more clout in the global wireless industry than any individual carrier. Apple’s decisions on which radio technologies to support can cause seismic shifts in the industry. And…

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