About Joe Q. Bretz

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Co-Founder and President of The Digital Development Group (OTC BB)DIDG

DIDG was founded by CEO Martin W. Greenwald and President Joe Q. Bretz, who have extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Mr. Greenwald oversaw Image Entertainment Inc. (NASDAQ: DISK) as Chairman of the Board from $1 million in revenues to over $120 million in revenues per year, while Mr. Bretz started working on various media start-ups in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom in the late 90’s, his experience has ranged from a feature film producer to a high-tech incubator. Bretz and long time technology partner Richard Verdoni, the companies CTO, have been working on this technology in various formats for over 6-years. Given Greenwald’s success in licensing content and Bretz and Verdoni’s technological know how, the company is well positioned to be a leader in the Internet television revolution.

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