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I am obviously an “OTT” addict, with a 5-port HDMI switch for my Apple TV, Boxee, Western Digital, Roku and my Google TV! (Logitech version) – forgot to mention the Panasonic Smart TV!  (Limited and not much fun)

My go to device is the GOOGLE TV – for regular program watching and easy application management for my ……..and here is the BIG thing – MY MOTOROLA set top box!  (Boxee being my go to for fun, quick and interesting NON – TRADITIONAL TV) 

As a consumer – I love the idea of the integration of Android and the set top box / DVR. 

As the President and co-founder of a public company  focused on providing content across multiple platforms/devices, it makes me nervous.  

It is and will continue to be an interesting year for those of us involved in this business.


Joe Q. Bretz

Popcornflix rocks Roku with 400,000 app downloads


The free movie streaming service Popcornflix has been downloaded 400,000 times on the Roku, and its viewers streamed 350,000 ad-supported movies via Roku in May alone. “In the movie and TV category, we are right up there with the big players,” Gary Delfiner, senior vice president of Screen Media Ventures, LLC., the parent company of Popcornflix, told me during a phone conversation this morning. So how did the company do it?

Popcornflix isn’t exaxctly Netflix (s NFLX) or Hulu: The service offers a few thousand movie titles for free viewing, and most of it is an eclectic mix of movies you haven’t heard of and movies you’ve long forgotten. In other words: not exactly blockbusters. “We don’t have huge movies, we have good movies,” Delfiner told me. Others may put the site into the so-bad-it’s-good category, but viewers are nonetheless tuning in.

Popcornflix has the rights to these titles because…

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